With decades of experience in machining custom components made from the most exotic and challenging metals, SGM is capable of working with virtually every metallic raw-material, with few exceptions. We are also highly competitive on projects that require more commonplace alloys. We are hyper-attentive to our customers' needs for complete traceability, DFARS-compliance, and full specification conformance. Similarly, we have an intimate understanding of potential risks associated with the effects of heat-treatments, metallurgical modifications, and material-specific secondary processes. Furthermore, our capability to work with bar, plate, and sheet allows us to manufacture a vast array of component types for numerous industries.

Aluminum Alloys

SGM works with all varieties of aluminum, and has formed partnerships with premier secondary processors for anodizing, chem-film application, and complex 'masking' of parts that require both.

Stainless Steels

From 300 to 400-series, and more, SGM has mastered the techniques required to machine virtually every form of stainless steel.

Nickel-based Alloys

Regularly considered to be some of the most challenging alloys, SGM has considerable knowledge in the machining of nickel alloys such as Carpenter's HyMu "80"®, Inconel®, and Invar 36®. We work closely with our tooling suppliers to dial-in the most efficient methods of manufacturing.

Alloy, Carbon, and Tool Steels

While we enjoy working with 'easy to machine' carbon steel like 1018, SGM also regularly machines more challenging alloy steels, and has a strong background in working with tool steels.

Brass, Bronze, and Copper Alloys

Generally the easiest to machine, SGM is proud to demonstrate our attention to cosmetic details and surface-finish requirements on these alloys. We also welcome jobs on safety-critical alloys like Beryllium Copper which other shops may shy away from.

Titanium, Molybdenum, Coated/Plated Parts and More

We enjoy pushing the boundaries here at SGM, and will always investigate new materials and inventive ways to approach their varying characteristics. A research-based approach allows us to investigate new opportunities while protecting our customers from risk. Please don't hesitate to contact us - we'll always give you honest feedback!