SGM Precision is a very applications driven company. We work extensively with our customers on all types of projects from initial design to fulfilling production orders. We have extensive resources and experience in machining the most difficult metals, plastics and thermoset materials (phenolics or glass epoxies) to help you identify and recommend the most appropriate material for your application.

Material Selection:

Once you have a part in mind what material are you going to use? Is it an application that involves metal or perhaps a plastic might work? SGM is one of only a handful of companies that machines metal, plastic and thermosets (all in one location), therefore we have extensive experience in knowing which material works best per the criteria you give us.

When a company mentions that a plastic material might be a good replacement in an application it often helps to know why the metal was selected in the first place. SGM, with our experience in machining metals, can make material recommendations based upon our knowledge of how metals work in an application and how a plastic might work as a possible replacement.

If a plastic material is chosen for an application SGM has over 50 years experience in working with all types of plastic from Delrin®, Nylon®, Torlon®, Vespel®, FR/4 or G-10, G-11, and phenolics. In fact we are also a distributor of these materials so not only do we know how they perform but we also buy direct from the factory – thus giving you cost saving savings due to our purchasing power.

Material Seminars (Lunch and Learns):

SGM has a nationwide sales force that can visit your facility to meet with engineering, design, R&D and/or purchasing to discuss your applications. We can do this in one-on-one settings or in a group format more commonly known as “Lunch and Learns.” In these meetings we discuss what materials might be best for your applications based upon the criteria you set forth in advance. Often we utilize the expertise of factory reps to ensure that your team is getting the best and most up to date information for your applications.

Design Assistance:

Your engineering and R&D team probably has a pretty good idea on how a finished part is going to look like but there are ways that we can be of assistance as well. In doing so we may be able to help you reduce cost on parts with helpful suggestions that eliminate machining time.

For instance, over specifying tight or difficult to achieve tolerances often adds considerable cost to a part. We can point these out to you and if acceptable loosen those tight tolerances which typically lead to a lower cost.

SGM offers design assistance that gives you options to reduce cost, gain better wear characteristics, reduce noise, better resistance to chemicals, improving the longevity of parts and many other reasons. If you need assistance on your applications please to get started.