When it comes to finding a source that is not only certified, but broadly experienced and capable of handling your build-to-print requirements, SGM is in a truly unique class:

  • Extensive experience servicing both OEM and Distributor requests for challenging build-­to-­print components
  • Highly flexible on delivery scheduling/releases
  • Significant experience managing Long-­term Contracts and Customer Portals
  • SGM machines all types of metals, including nickel-based materials (Inconel, Hastelloy, and Waspalloy), titanium, and other exotics
  • SGM machines all types of plastics including Vespel®, Torlon®, PEEK, PET and other advanced-­engineered plastics
  • SGM machines thermoset laminates such as FR4/G-­10, G-­11, G-­9, G-­7 and all types of phenolic laminates
  • SGM has a significant raw-­cost advantage over competitors on components requiring thermoset laminate and phenolic materials (See Plastic Materials section for more)
  • Our workforce is highly experienced in complex production of tight tolerance parts
  • SGM is AS9100 Rev. D and ISO9001:2015 certified
  • We are an ITAR-­registered company
  • A vast specification library and familiarity with military standards and supersessions
  • Secondary processes requiring NADCAP certified, Customer approved, or Proprietary specs are never a problem
  • Intimate understanding of documentation and traceability needs, including AS FAIR, PPAP, (P)FEMA, and document retention
  • SGM holds numerous OEM approvals
  • Acute awareness of FOD, workmanship, and cleanliness requirements, including dedicated deburring department