Yes. Our certification for AS9100:2009, Rev. C includes ISO9001:2008 certification. Our certification can be downloaded here.
Yes. SGM is ISO9001 certified. Our ISO9001:2008 certification can be downloaded here.
Yes. SGM can conduct a wide variety of quality services including PPAP’s and AS FAIR. As each project has its own quality requirements it is usually best to discuss with us so we can have a clearer understanding of your needs.
Yes. Our registration # is M28809
We partner with customers and local molders that allow us to give our customers the flexibility to place all their fabrication orders with one vendor.
Absolutely! As a company that machines both metals and plastics we are very aware that metals do have a place for certain applications but there are circumstances that allow the introduction of high performance engineering plastics that not only can save weight but cost less.
SGM not only machines plastics but we have been a manufacturer/distributor of plastics since 1957. Each application is different but we can guide you through the process of selecting the right material for your specific application. For immediate assistance call us at 800-323-1408 or email us at sales@sgmprecision.com.
Yes, and we also the largest manufacturer of thermoset rod (including FR4/G-10, G-11, and phenolics) in the United States. If you have a turned part manufactured out of these materials chances are very high that material started out in our facility.
Outside processing such as those are completed by NADCAP certified companies. In fact, all of our outside processing is done only by NADCAP certified companies. This insures that only qualified sources are utilized.
Yes. Whenever a customer specifies a vendor for us, we follow their procedures. In all cases of non-specific outside processors SGM uses only NADCAP certified suppliers.
As a plastics distributor SGM is acutely aware of the problems associated by using oil based or other synthetic based coolants in the machining process. That is why SGM utilizes only water based coolants for machining. Furthermore SGM takes great pride in the way your plastic parts are deburred, cleaned and packaged as these processes are as critical as the actual manufacturing of the parts.