SGM Machining

SGM continues to expand our capabilities by investigating new and inventive approaches to the challenges of manufacturing - by combining our capabilities, and implementing creative fixturing solutions, SGM is able to produce items that would beĀ  consideredĀ  impossible from a classical approach.

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Our robust Quality System is designed to incorporate our diverse customers' many unique requirements. Not only are we ISO/AS certified, but our system has been repeatedly validated and approved through numerous customer audits.

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SGM Materials

With decades of experience in machining custom components made from the most exotic metals and engineered plastics, SGM is capable of working with virtually every metallic and plastic raw-material, with few exceptions. We are also highly competitive on projects that require more commonplace materials.

Metals Plastics

SGM Approvals

We have a demonstrated history of providing challenging, high-precision components to numerous major OEM's with the consistency that they expect. As a result of our unique capabilities and our commitment to Quality, we have achieved direct manufacturing/supply approval from a number of Prime-Tier end users.

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